Amity and churches in Gansu establish fund for social needs

A ceremony was held and attended by many leaders of the Gansu church (left). Signing of the cooperation agreement (right).

On January 8, 2018, the Amity Foundation and the church of Gansu Province held a launching ceremony and established a joint fund (Amity Spring Rain Charity Fund) to provide social services for people in need. Amity's General Secretary Qiu Zhonghui, the Chairperson of the Gansu Provincial Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churces in China Rev. Kou Xiaodong, and the President of Gansu Provincial Christian Council Reverent Mu Ganglang attended the ceremony. Furthermore, leaders of the provincial religious authorities and various pastors of provincial churches and Christian institutions participated.

The fund is a Christian fund jointly established by the Amity Foundation and the Chinese Christian Council of Gansu. The spirit behind the fund follows the principle “Love your neighbor as yourself” and aims to encourage Christians and churches to care for the community and provide social services for those in needs. For this purpose Christians in Gansu have already raised substantial amounts of money that will be used for the initial establishment of the fund.

The Amity Foundation will contribute by sharing its experience and make efforts to support the churches' engagement and the professional development of the fund. Kang Xuehai Director of Gansu Provincial Bureau of Religious Affairs (SARA) emphasized the previous contribution of the Church in Gansu for poverty alleviation and charitable purposes.

After the ceremony the first meeting of the fund's management committee was held. Qiu Zhonghui will become the fund's general adviser. Subsequently, the 15 members of the committee discussed the charter, future work priorities, promotion and day to day coordination of the fund.