Advocacy and Consultancy

Robert Wang, Deputy Chief of Mission at U.S. Embassy in China, visiting the Amity Bakery

Social organizations have the characteristics of being people-oriented, independent and flexible. During the process of solving social issues, social organizations like Amity do not have the capacity to take everything on their shoulders and take on multiple responsibilities in the way the government does. However, social organizations become a very important force in public welfare because of their people-orientation, independence and flexibility.

On the one hand, the Amity Foundation meets the special needs of certain groups that the government has not been able to take care of, and helps with conflict resolution. On the another hand, because of its small size and flexibility, Amity is able to make the people’s needs known to the government through organizational channels and therefore carries out advocacy work at the policy level, solves certain general problems and further increases people’s happiness index. Social problems are inevitable during the process of social development. To pay appropriate attention and find solutions, social organizations like the Amity Foundation need to conduct practice and exploration, make pioneering innovations and advise the government concerning what measures to take to solve certain problems.