U for Girls (University for Girls Project)

In China, especially in underdeveloped rural areas, discrimination against women still exists.  It normally takes girls more efforts to perform academically as well as their boy counterparts. Because of the responsibilities in the household as well as with the farming work, they lack of time preparing for school. Often the male children are still preferred because of Chinese patriarchal society. Therefore, it is of a much deeper regret when girls have to give up the valuable chance to study in a college or university just because the family cannot afford it.

U for Girls (University for Girls Project) aims to keep female students from poor family background, studying in higher education institutions with financial support. Furthermore, Amity wants to encourage them to become capable and self-empowered members of society who are willing to love and share. 

Therefore, Amity is providing scholarships for girls in Guangxi and Guizhou province. Over the past three years, 244 girls benefited of the project.

Whom are we helping?

Diligent female students

  • from rural villages
  • whose families are not able to provide full tuition fees for their higher education
  • who have strong will to contribute to the society after graduation

How does this whole thing work?


  • looks for girl college/university students in need and calls for support
  • sends you information of a student on the waiting list after receipt of your commitment and donation
  • pays for tuition fees to college/university where the student is studying
  • reports you twice a year on the student’s study and life (usually after each school semester)
  • informs you of interviews, trainings and other visits  you might want to attend
  • reminds you to continue the support
For further information or if you want to support young women in China to pursue their dreams, please contact Donald Tam <[email protected]>