Rural Orphan Fostering Project

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According to the statistics, there are over 600,000 orphans in China now, with one third of them desperate for support. Most orphans living in rural areas have to depend on grandparents or other relatives before they are able to make a living on their own. They taste the bitterness of life much earlier than other children do.

Amity’s Rural Orphan Fostering Project aims not only providing a better childhood life with financial support but also to kindle their passion and hope for life and future through all kinds of caring activities. Orphan Fostering Project covers 11 provinces.

Rural Orphan Fostering Project is working with nearly 100 partners. It is a long-term work to maintain the relationship and standardize the cooperation with these organizations. By confirming the principle of ensuring the correctness of information, accurate distribution of funds and timely feedback of information, Amity staff and volunteers all devoted themselves to this project. They try their best to be responsible for the sponsors and to verify the information of every sponsored child.

Whom are we helping?

  • children who lost one or both parents to diseases, accidents or natural disasters
  • and who live in underdeveloped rural areas on the mainland
  • and who are aged 12 or below
  • and whose fostering families do not have stable income
  • and who have no access to other kinds of subsidy elsewhere

How does your involvement work?


  • looks for orphans in need and calls for support   
  • sends you information of a child on the waiting list after receipt of your donation
  • distributes the subsidy to the child and carry out random home visits
  • reports you twice a year on the child’s study and life (usually after each school semester)
  • informs you of visits, camps and other caring activities you might want to attend
  • reminds you to continue the support

For inquiry, please feel free to contact Ms. Iris Wong at Amity Hong Kong Office Tel: 852-2723 8011, E-mail: [email protected]

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