Earthquake strikes Dingxi province


On 22 July 2013, a series of earthquakes shook Dingxi, Gansu Province, northwest China. The first quake struck at 07:54 China Standard Time (CST), with the epicenter located at the border of Min County and Zhang County. The magnitude of the initial earthquake was at Ms 6.6 with a focal depth of 20.0 km. As of 18:00 CST (10:00 UTC), 422 aftershocks have been recorded.

The hardest-hit areas were Min and Zhang counties, Dingxi, Gansu Province, and the epicenter fell between the two counties.

The earthquakes have caused at least 94 deaths, 1 missing, and 1001 people injured. Nearly 2,000 homes were destroyed and about 22,500 severely damaged.

Normally a dry and mountainous area, the epicenter of the quake has been hit with weeks of heavy rain and flooding and the tremors set of a series of calamitous landslides, burying local houses. Local residents are suffering one disaster after another.

One of China’s poorest areas, Dingxi features local economy built on farming yams, apricots and walnuts, but the average income in the area is very low. Many of the affected houses were crudely built from mud bricks.

As soon as receiving the earthquake information, the Amity Foundation initiated its emergency rescue efforts. The Amity Emergency Rescue Team to Dingxi was sent to the quake-hit areas on July 22. The team conducted need survey and purchased emergency relief supplies according to the situation of the disaster and the needs of the quake-hit residents, and are making relief efforts.

We would be grateful for any possible help you might extend to the quake-hit residents. Please keep the victims, their families and the Amity staffers in Dingxi in your prayers.

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A woman cries as she sits amongst the rubble that was once her house in Hetuo township in Dingxi, northwest China's Gansu province on July 22, 2013

Residents receive medical treatment at a makeshift hospital in earthquake hit Minxian County in northwest China's Gansu province

Residents gather at a makeshift hospital

A rescue operation is under way after a magnitude 6.6 quake hit Dingxi, Gansu Province

A member of Amity’s rescue team conveying newly purchased relief suppliers

The first batch of relief suppliers arriving at the earthquake hit Mingxian County, Dingxi, Gansu Province