Amity Development Center for Children

The Amity Children's Centre started in 2008. At first, it served only children with autism. Now it has transformed into an integrated center of rehabilitation resources, combining institutional rehabilitation with community service. The target groups of service have gradually extended. Other children in need who are treated are those with sense organ imbalance, cerebral palsy or hypoevolutism. Amity Development Centre for Children became a support institution for children with autism aged below seven and aims for early intervention and rehabilitation. The children’s centre employees go into communities to do advocacy work, telling people about autism and helping parents to identify the symptoms earlier.

Amity Development Center for Children treats children with

  • organ imbalance
  • cerebral palsy
  • hypoevolutism
  • autism

Overseas SLP volunteers teaching children

Group photo of students and teachers of the

Amity Child Development Center

The number of students of the Child Development Centre is growing steadily. There are daily-care classes and consultancy courses. The Child Development Center is continously working for an open, transparent and harmonious environment within the centre, as well as in the community. The Child Development Center is organizing different activities including open door exhibitions, volunteer activities, and international seminars to promote and increase the awareness on autism and to improve the capacity of international cooperation. Our teachers are publishing papers in professional core journals. We also establishing training systems for partents and affected families to share teachers’ experience.

Amity Development Center for Children focus on

  • advocacy work in communities and at government level
  • providing an international plattform for scholars, experts, doctors, authorities and affected families
  • intervention and rehabilitation for affected children
  • consultancy and education for affected children and their families
  • training and group activities for affected parents and relatives
  • vocational and community adaption training for children
  • establishing a network among experts, volunteers and parents for mutual help

Project Stories

Volunteering at the Amity Family Retreat 2014

Thoughts by Zhang Zhidong