7.0 earthquake hits Jiuzhaigou County - Updates



August 12

August 11

On August 8, 2017, in the evening, an earthquake struck southwest of China’s Sichuan Province. The earthquake killed 20 people and injured 431, according to latest government statistics. Of those injured about 40 are in a critical condition. The Amity Foundation started an emergency disaster relief project and sent a disaster relief team to the region in the early morning of August 9. During the night the Amity staff and local partner purchased 520 tents. In the morning of August 10, all tents were loaded on trucks. The trucks immediately decamped and are expected to arrive the earthquake struck area soon. Up to now more than 350,000 people from the Mainland joined Amity's appeal and donated on various online platforms and supported Amity to bring relief for the victims of the natural disaster.

Tents are loaded and immediately sent to the disaster struck area

The quake struck Jiuzhaigou County, a popular tourist area, the epicenter of the quake was near famous Jiuzhaigou National Park, which said it had more than 38,000 visitors on Tuesday. Local authorities explained about 70,000 tourists and migrant workers in the whole region had been evacuated and moved to safe locations. Media showed that many people had to sleep on the streets in the open and relied on food supplies. Residents slept outside their homes for fear of aftershocks. Rescue teams are still searching affected areas as data of collapsed buildings and destroyed infrastructure is still allocated.

China Daily News 11/8/2017

South China Morning Post photo series

Sichuan Province is vulnerable to geological disasters and suffered deadly quakes in the past. The magnitude eight Sichuan Earthquake in 2008 killed nearly 90,000 people.

August 10

After a first need assessment the Amity Foundation will provide 520 tents as emergency relief for people in the need for shelter.

Amity partners immediately sent out 520 tents to the affected area

August 9

The Amity Foundation started to raise funds on online platforms to provide humanitarian assistance to the victims of the earthquake

On August 8, 2017, in the evening, an earthquake struck Jiuzhaigou County, southwest of China’s Sichuan Province. The earthquake killed at least 19 people and injured 247. Of those injured, about 28 had been severely hurt. The earthquake with a magnitude of about 7.0 left buildings collapsed and various structures cracked.

In the morning of August 9, the Amity Foundation sent a group of disaster relief response personnel to the region to assess the situation and to work with local partners to carry out relief work. The Amity Foundation appeals for support in bringing relief for people in the affected area. You can find more information about the earthquake on CNN, xinhuanet or the South China Morning Post.