2016 China floods - Updates


Over the past few months, Amity continued to provide relief supplies to flood victims in need of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Hunan Province, Anhui Province, and Yunnan Province. According to FloodList, an information website on latest flood events around the world, the flooding were some of the worst since 1998. The flooding struck large parts of 20 provinces, in particular the Yangtze River Basin. The natural disaster has been ongoing in some areas since March 2016, killed 764 people, destroyed or damaged more than 800,000 buildings and devastated an estimated of 18 million acres of cropland. The economic damages are estimated to exceed 33 billion US Dollars. Only 2% of the economic losses are thought to be covered by insurance. The following pictures show Amity staff working on the front line, distributing relief goods and support the people in need in Anhui Province over the last weeks.

Amity staff is inspecting the disaster relief supply stocks and accounts

People in Anhui, who are affected by the flooding over the last months, are lining up to receive food supplies and blankets

Local partners organizing the transport of the relief supplies of those who need help

The banner states that the relief supplies are provided by the people of Hong Kong through the Amity Foundation (left). Villagers showing the supplies that help them to make ends meet over the next months

Villager is carrying received relief goods home (left). The flooding turned former rice fields into sandbanks, destroying the livelihood of many farmers (right)

August 9, 2016

On August 5, Hong Kong's Disaster Relief Fund (HKDRF) Advisory Committee has approved a grant of HK$6.309 million to the Amity Foundation, Hong Kong for providing relief to flood victims in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Hunan Province, Anhui Province, and Yunnan Province.

Over the last month rainstorms in southern China caused flooding and exposed millions of people and large regions of China to a constantly grave situation and state of emergency. By August 1, the Amity Foundation has provided disaster relief supplies worth of 4.32 million Yuan to 30,934 people who suffered most of the flood.

A Hong Kong government spokesman said, that the grant would provide timely relief to the victims and help them to restore their normal living. Before, the HKDRF supported the Amity Foundation’s emergency relief work under its fast-track mechanism with HK$ 445,000 and provided urgent and life-saving relief to victims.

August 1, 2016

In July, the Amity Foundation launched large-scale disaster relief efforts to support people affected by the flooding. Since mid-June ongoing heavy rainfalls and mudslides have triggered deadly flooding, huge devastation and displaced thousands of people. The death toll exceeds the number of 150 people. More than 40,000 houses were destroyed and 1.5 million hectare crops were destroyed. The Yangtze river basin is especially affected, but flooding occurs in many regions of China. On July 31, Beijing experienced the heaviest rainfalls since 60 years that killed 37 people. Today night another typhoon will make landfall in southern China.

The Amity Foundation has started large-scale disaster relief projects to bring relief to the people in need. Since now, the Amity Foundation has conducted relief projects in five provinces and distributed supplies to about 7,000 households. Regarding to the needs in place, the Amity Foundation distributed rice, oil, blankets, mosquito nets and other necessities for daily life. Due to the fact that crops have been destroyed in large numbers, many of the beneficiaries will rely on food supplies for the next month. Following numbers are the summary of Amity's ongoing disaster relief efforts. Further distributions of relief supplies are in preparation.

Liping County – Guizhou - 360,000 Yuan - 1,200 households ~ 4,800 ppl

Yiliang County – Yunnan - 367,272 Yuan - 1,604 households ~ 6,414 ppl

Dahua Yao Autonomous County – Guangxi - 356,700 Yuan - 580 households ~ 2,320 ppl

Wuhan – Hubei - 292,400 Yuan - 776 households ~ 2,700 ppl

Xinhua County – Hunan - 679,000 Yuan - 3,000 households ~ 12,000 ppl

Yiyang Prefecture – Hunan - 828,400 Yuan - 700 households ~ 3,000 ppl

The floods caused huge economic damage. The future of many people affected by the floods is endangered

Trucks with supplies for the flood victims struggeling with muddy and destroyed roads (left). Amity staff and local partners are distributing relief supplies (right)

July 11, 2016

On Saturday July 9, the Typhoon Nepartark made landfall in Fujian Province. Heavy rainfall and strong winds caused widespread flooding and landslides, leaving 6 people dead and 8 missing. The situation across various provinces remain severe.

Since mid-June rainstorms and flooding have already killed 186 people and have caused heavy devastation. On June 23, a tornado in Jiangsu province killed 98 people and injured more than 800. Nepartark is the first typhoon in this year's typhoon season. Rainfalls are forecast to continue and make the situation worse in many already battered areas. According to local news more than 450,000 people were evacuated in Fujian and Zhejiang Province before the typhoon hit the region.

During the last week, the Amity Foundation continued to distribute relief goods to people affected by the floods. Thereby, Amity is supported by the Tencent and Alibaba Foundation that respectively donated 1,000,000 Yuan to Amity's 2016 China flood relief projects and launched donation appeals on their internet plattforms.

Latest pictures of Amity's flood relief project show Amity staff delivering bags of rice by boat to areas cut off by flooding