What we do

In its journey, Amity has in a sense, played the role of a special social development zone, similar to that played by Special Economic Zones in China’s economic development. In the journey of helping people help and develop themselves, Amity has gradually grown from a child to a youth and from infancy to maturity, developing multiple roles as a resource provider, service provider, capacity builder and policy advocator as well consultant. Amity is focusing on the underprivileged people of society and following core principles of a harmonious civil society.

In a globalized world we take the view that understanding and exchange among people and nations are essential for peace and harmony. Therefore, we are working on the grassroots level for a better understanding of each other and to function as bridge among people from all over the world; hence cooperation and love will grow worldwide.

Understanding Amity

Resource Development

  Amity exists to meet the various needs of society. Amity will not have the capacity to meet  the various needs of the people if it does not have enough resources. Generally speaking, resources include not only financial support, but also refers to, absorbing and learning from multiple sources such as professional knowledge, advanced concepts, management experience and human resource. (link

Service Provision


Amity provides direct services to the disadvantaged through its social services entities. In the future, Amity would like to be more involved in some special social service. Apart from children with autism and mentally challenged people, with whom Amity is already involved, Amity hopes to pay more attention to service for the elderly. (link

 Capacity Building

  As the situation develops, the society becomes more open. The Chinese central government put forward a “five in one” idea, which includes economic construction, cultural construction, political construction, social construction and environmental construction. Social construction is especially related to the development of social organizations. (link)

Advocacy and Consultancy

  Social organizations have the characteristics of being people-oriented, independent and flexible. During the process of solving social issues, social organizations like Amity do not have the capacity to take everything on their shoulders and take on multiple responsibilities in the way the government does. However, social organizations become a very important force in public welfare because of their people-orientation, independence and flexibility. (link)