Sri Lanka Floods - Updates

Sri Lanka Floods - Updates

June 9 - June 10

The Amity Foundation care team continued to provide medical treatment and counseling to the people in the Matara region. Over the last two days they served 122 patients in Weragampita village and to 90 people in Piladuma village by noon. On June 10, 500 batches of cookware were distributed in the villages of Matagalawela,Uqangwatta and Weragangpita. It is a first step for people affected by the floods to resume their normal life.

June 8

Amity's emergency care team provides medical assistance to 92 people of the local community in Weragampita village.

After having assessed the situation in the villages before, the Amity staff learned that there is a lack of everyday utensils and necessities due to the flooding. Therefore, the Amity Foundation and a local team of volunteers prepared 500 batches of cookware that will be send and distibuted to people in need in three villages in the Matara region.

June 5 - June 7

Over the last four days, the Amity Foundation continues in close cooperation and coordination with our Anglican local partner, the Church of Ceylon, to support people in Sri Lanka. On June 7, a second emergency care team arrived at the Matara region, where Amity helps local communities affected by the floods.

June 3 - June 4

The disaster relief team on the ground is building a medical camp near Galle area and provides medical and health services to affected people in the village of Baddegama.

Amity staff is distributing lamps in the village Nivtigala, so people have light in the evening and during the nights. (left) Amity's medical staff at the medical camp in Baddegama provides medical service and supplement drugs mainly to people affected by urticaria, eczema and other skin diseases. (right)

The Amity Foundation procured and distributed moisture-proof mattresses and pillows and sent them to Kotagoda school which functions as a temporary shelter. After further assessment in the Matara area, about the need of daily necessities in the villages Matagalawela, Uqangwatta and Weragangpita, Amity plans to distribute about 500 sets of cooking utensils and help the local people to resume their daily life as soon as possible.

June 1 - June 2

The Amity staff provides medical service in flood-affected areas and is carrying out risk assessment and need assessment on the ground in three affected villages Pahiyangala, Heenpandala, Bulathsinhala. Subsequentley, Amity develops a future medical assistance and supply project according to the needs of the people.

May 31

Amity Foundation disaster relief officers arrived in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka floods leave 600,000 people displaced and as of June 5, a total of 212 deaths have been confirmed and 79 people remain missing.