Volunteer Management

By managing more than 4,000 registered volunteers, Amity supports regular volunteer services. Most of our projects are designed in a way to involve volunteers. By doing so we hope to boost the spirit and idea of charity and contribute the emergence of empowered, caring and responsible citizens.

Amity works with its service-providing entities to offer more service opportunities. In 2013, a total of about 18,000 persons were engaged in Amity's volunteering services. To enable earlier advocacy, we started organizing philanthrophy activities in kindergardens to develop philanthrophy-themed curriculum for children.

For people from overseas, Amity offers exchange programs that include a variety of possibilities to participate in our volunteer services. We want overseas people to join hands with Chinese people, raise mutual understanding and work activley together for a peacfull and better world.

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Nurses - Qixia Elderly Home
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Amity is searching for experts who want to expand their horizon and take part in Amity's  endeavours for international exchange and enhancment of our social services for the elderly. For more information click here or contact:


Readers and Website Engineers

Amity Foundation Hong Kong, recruitment, Project AssistantAmity's English publications depend on the help of our volunteers. If you are a native English speaker and interested in supporting Amity with revising text or web engineering, please