Our Culture

The modern concept of social development is different from the traditional concept of charity. It emphasizes people’s participation, sharing and mutual development, with the final goal of true harmony of the whole society.

How we work

Amity persists in actively absorbing advanced concepts and experience in management and resource allocation in China and abroad.
  • Amity persists in investigating the conditions of the people, paying attention to their lives and listening to their opinions.
  • Amity pays attention to social hotspots and problems.
  • Amity meets the social needs and is devoted to development and social service.
  • Amity has always been pursuing change.

While learning social development values from international organizations, Amity has created a whole set of systems and methodologies to ensure effective project management as well as organizational accountability and transparency. With the implementation of poverty-reduction and development work in central and western China, Amity cultivated its own development concepts and ideas including:

Model of Three Participations


  • beneficiaries

  • experts

  • local governments

Principle of Three Shares

  • Amity

  • local governments

  • beneficiaries

(Three project stakeholders share the costs of the projects)

Objective of Three Benefits


  • economic
  • social
  • ecological

On the premise of helping disadvantaged groups and enhance their capacity, Amity specially highlights the value of human-oriented development. In our dedication to serve the people, we are following the culture of The Six Cs or Three Hearts 三心 and three strengths 三力:

博爱心 Compassion

事业心 Commitment

进取心 Competence

沟通力 Communication

合作力 Cooperation

创新力 Creativity

Our Vision

  • Contribute to China’s social development and openness to the outside world
  • Make Christian involvement and participation in meeting the needs of society more widely known to the Chinese people
  • Serve as a channel for people-to-people contact and the ecumenical sharing of resources

Nowadays a new force is entering the social domain in China. It indicates the emergence of a new dimension in Reform and Opening-up, stretching from economic to social fields. We bring together people from all walks of life who are willing to work together for the betterment of society. On the premise of mutual respect in faith, we are pushing forward the progress of a more pluralistic society. Over the last 25 years, we have grown from an unknown voluntary organization with only three staff members into a social organization with a staff of nearly a hundred.