Relief for flood victims in Sri Lanka

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From September 14 to 26, the Amity Foundation provided emergency relief to households in Sri Lanka. The disaster relief project ensures affected people receive effective humanitarian assistance, protecting them from further hazards caused by disasters, thus maintaining their dignity.

Amity provides flood relief in southern China - Updates

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On September 11 to 16, the Amity Foundation distributed relief packages to 8,400 families who were affected affected by the devastating floods, in southern China earlier this year. The relief work facilitated relief to the victims of the floods and help them restore their normal living.

Conference and book release about philanthropy in China

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On September 25, a charity exchange forum was held in Hong Kong, Wan Chai. More than 80 persons from companies, foundations, academia, government and NGOs attended the meeting to share information about the rise and development of philanthropy on the Mainland.

Amity helps to train 1,000 autism practitioners

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On September 15, the Amity Foundation and the U.Plus Academy jointly established an autism education fund. The fund was set up to support and train special education teachers, caretakers and other practitioners, who are working on the front line on autism care.

Pfrang students visit Nanjing

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End of August, eight graduating students, sponsored by the Pfrang Association, travelled to Nanjing for a three-day trip. These students, from Funing in northern Jiangsu were the first ever to visit Pfrang.