Inter-religious efforts against poverty

Sandu County, the Amity Foundation, Poverty alleviation, interreligious dialogue, inter-faith China

In the year 2017 the five major religions of Jiangsu Province continue to jointly support the government in the efforts of poverty alleviation in Sandu County, Guizhou Province. End of March a delegation of leaders visited the County to visit poverty alleviation projects and to attend activities.

Raising awareness of autism in China

Amity Bakery, mentally challenged people in China, autism in China, advocacy China

On April 2, the 10th World Autism Awareness Day was celebrated. Therefore, the Amity Foundation joined hands with a radio broadcast station, the Nanjing metro line and China Post Nanjing to reach out to the community.

Encouraging girls to pursue higher education

Amity Foundation, University for girls, gender equality China, education in China

On 24-26 March, Amity staff and six volunteers traveled from Hong Kong and Nanjing to Guiyang to organize workshops and training for almost 100 students of Amity’s University for Girls program.

U.S. Consul General visits Amity Bakery

Amity Bakery, mentally challenged people in China, autism in China, advocacy China

On March 22, Hanscom Smith, the Consul General at the United States Consulate General in Shanghai visited an Amity Bakery shop and training base in Nanjing. He teamed up with Amity's General Secretary Mr. Qiu Zhonghui, and they participated in Service-Learning Training activities.

活泉The Fountain of Life

Foundatin of Life, Amity Printing, Bibles in China, Amity Bibles, Christianity in China

In March 2017, the Amity Printing Company printed its 160 millionth Bible. To celebrate Amity Printing's latest milestones we feature the short film The Fountain of Life, dedicated to all those people who contribute to the Amity Bible Printing Ministry.