Inaugural meeting of the Jiangsu Interfaith Training Center

Amity Foundation, interfaith dialog, religion in China, religious social service, interreligious cooperation

On April 29 the first interreligious provincial training center held its opening ceremony in the basement of Amity’s headquarters in Nanjing, Jiangsu. The center will function as a platform for China’s five major religions to exchange and cooperate in joint social services projects.

Amity Outlook No.12

Amity Outlook No.12, earthquake Nepal, Amity disaster relief Nepal, livelihood Nepal, Bishop Justin Welby interview

The electronic issue of the Amity Outlook No.12 is available for download. This issue gives a review on Amity's disaster relief response in Nepal and features an interview with the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

Ecuador Earthquake - update

Ecuador earthquake, Amity Foundation disaster relief Ecuador, ACT Alliance Ecuador

After the earthquake, the Amity Foundation and ACT Alliance partners have reached out to local partners to assess the situation in the affected areas. On the 21st, two staff members of the Amity Foundation arrived in Ecuador’s capital Quito.

Ethiopian Minister visits Amity Printing

Amity Foundation Africa, China and Africa cooperation, Amity in Ethiopia

Ethiopian Minister and Special Advisor Dr Akebe Oqubay and a delegation visited Amity Printing Ltd. on April 16. Dr Akebe Oqubay expressed his hope that Amity Printing Ltd. will contribute to Africa’s development. He wished Amity a bright future of its engagement in Africa.

Ecuador Earthquake - Amity calls for solidarity and support

Ecuador earthquake, disaster relief ecuador, China and ecuador, ACT alliance

An earthquake with the magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale struck Ecuador in the evening of April 16. The Amity Foundation is responding to the appeal and calling to support the victims of the earthquake in Ecuador who are in urgent need of relief supplies.