Amity's Annual Report 2013 published

Annual Report 2013, Amity Foundation

Amity's Annual Report 2013 can be downloaded now. Besides information on Amity's different fields of activities in 2013, you can find project stories as well as facts and figures.

PR Seminar hold in Berlin with Bread for the World

Cornelia Füllkrug-Weitzel, President of Bread for the World (BftW) has a talk with Ling Chunxiang, Director of Administration,  Amity.

From July 7 to 11, Amity staff was invited to the Bread for the World (BftW) headquarters in Berlin to attend a workshop on Public Relations and Fundraising. An exchange of ideas and experiences were discussed in various presentations and sessions.

Hong Kong government approves grants for flood victims

flood, Guangxi 2014, disaster relief

Starting in May, torrential down pour of rain has been devastating many areas in the six provinces Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Sichuan, Hunan and Guangxi. More than 5.5 million people have been affected to varying degrees. Many have lost all their possessions when their homes were destroyed and crops totally wiped out.

Amity supports flood victims in Guangxi and Hunan

Flood 2014, Guangxi, Hunan, Amity disaster relief

Since May 2014, heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms have been affecting nine provinces, mainly in southern China. The ongoing weather conditions trigger floods, landslides and vast devastation of whole regions. Up to now, 37 people have died because of the disaster. More than 9,700 houses have collapsed and 55,000 more houses were damaged.