Amity Foundation, one of the earliest Chinese NGOs established following China’s Reform and Opening-up to the Outside World, embarked on a journey almost 30 years ago in 1985.

Amity Foundation was created on the initiative of Chinese Christians headed by Bishop K. H. Ting, the former vice-chair of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and is made up of people from all walks of society.

1985 - 1995
Start-up Phase

The Amity Foundation was first set up with only three employees, and they were all newcomers to the third sector. Project areas mainly covered the poor eastern counties in Northern Jiangsu. The projects focused primarily on foreign English teachers and funding came from overseas churches.

1995 - 2005
Development Phase

In 1993, the Amity Foundation Board seriously considered the prevailing conditions and made the important strategic decision to move its major project focus to the western region of China. Amity's work there reached new milestones and expanded exponentially. Its projects gradually covered an array of different programs ranging from education to health, social welfare, blindness prevention, special education, poverty alleviation and integrated rural development, ecological protection, women's development etc. The project area also expanded to hundreds of cities and counties in 31 provinces in mainland China. Project types expanded from one project involving foreign teachers to eight divisions in Amity with dozens of projects focusing on the poor and the marginalized.

2005 - Present
Innovation Phase

At present, Amity's staff has grown to nearly 100 professionals. This team has the capacity to implement Amity's strategic development and vision. With its increasing focus on social welfare and development, Amity began to develop community awareness and fundraising efforts to strengthen domestic support. Therefore, Amity built new cooperation on various fields. Appealing to local communities Amity established projects regarding to new media cooperation, a new channel with Christians in Jiangsu, social enterprises, service centers and NGO development centers. These centers promote the growth of civil society, exemplifying successful cooperation between the government and the third sector.

Amity is a platform for learning and practice in social development. At the beginning of Reform and Opening up, social development work had to start from scratch. The gradual growth in partnership with more than 200 overseas churches and social organizations has given Amity an international dimension ever since its inception. One natural outcome of this process is the self-development of Amity. We anticipate that Amity will play a more important role in promoting the development of Chinese philanthropy, appear on the wider international platform as an influential NGO, and take more responsibilities that are international.