Teach teaching English the fun way

Amity English teaching, international exchange, teaching in China, SEP HK, Summer English Programme Hong Kong

Amity Foundation, Hong Kong organized the Summer English Programme Workshop for 100 Junior Secondary English teachers to improve their teaching skills through a two-pronged approach.

Amity Bakery at the National Abilympics

Amity Bakery, social enterprise, disabled people China, mentally challenged people in China, raise awarness about disabilities

On July 11 to 12 the Amity Bakery attended the fifth national vocational skill competition for disabled people and the second national Abilympics in Wuhan City. The Amity Bakery represented the country’s first social enterprise for people, who are intellectual challenged, on behalf of Jiangsu Province.

Amity goes Africa

Amity in Africa, internationalization, China in Africa, Bibles in Africa, the Amity Foundation engagment in Africa, China social development Africa

On July 1, the Amity Foundation opened a service center in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.The center was established to promote friendship and cooperation and the sharing of resources between the people of China and Africa. Furthermore, Amity anticipates the Bible printing services to improve and to provide social development and social services for the people of Africa.

A model for exchange and partnership for young students

Service Learning China, Amity international exchange, cultural exchange

Amity's education and the international exchange department welcomed a delegation from the Danish National School. For the seventh year the Amity Foundation provided the opportunity to get in touch with people in China and arranged a series of exchange and service learning activities.

The Archbishop of Canterbury visits the Amity Foundation

Archbishop Justin Welby visits Amity, international exchange, Church exchange, China, social services, Amity Bible Printing

From June 2 to 4, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby visited the Amity Foundation in Nanjing. He attended some of Amity's church-related projects and visited several of Amity's social institutions including the Amity's Children Development Center, the Amity Bakery and the Amity Printing Company.